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Completely Free Website – Hosting (Part 1)

hello and one of my first videos I ever did was on how to on while the saying that there wasn’t how much good free network hosting out there well recently I knew 000 webhost appease and they are fraught all the technologies it is required to and start any website including compatibility with the most advanced content management systems that will allow you to build in you whatever functionality you just wanted to your place so these are advanced web hosting that they’ll debilitated office and PHP mysql and ftp and the familiar cpanel control panel which is familiar to a lot parties and so what what you’re going to need to do is go 2000 where affix tranquilize and and click sign up and then I’ll write a honest youtube and type in a web site address now really do that and fill out all the information even if you want a dot-com and website really crowd that in and then watch the next video that we coming up soon on how to get your free mollify domain name and but for now exactly and put your website garb in there and then you can start editing your place and then threw the other stuff in subsequently and so on once you’ve done that you’ll get need to get a few confirmation emails confirmed indeed he details and then you need to go over them numbers speck 00 webhost distinguish soothe and login with your email and this is just a test details order I don’t mind if you view my items I don’t even mind if you come over and play with the Drupal installation I’ve been stalling after this so then you exactly log in and you’ll be person it with alastair lands if “youre ever” if I’m assuming this is your first one and see you precisely didn’t sound go to cpanel and then there will be the familiar a cpanel that is familiar to a lot of beings it’s what a lot of hosting providers use but to automatically set one of these boosted content pit in one plans announced Drupal what we’re going to want to do is go to the fantastica installer but it times give you ftp intelligence so that you can Oh blow a standard site but I only want to install a a material management arrangement actually I’m going to install group wordpress and it’s it’s a popular blogging platform and it’s supported by this so I just wanted to do install on Tom do bleep exam WP Tom dotnet 60 3. net and I don’t have to go/ blog or anything like that so I’m not going to place anything in this firstly fitted with if you want to do that’s where you articulate it and some exactly of what the executive was Tom brought time one two three and then I’m going to make the password as Drupal dude even I’m not installing to report again I don’t mind if you go on this just to see how well it use because it’s just a test place for you to use and there’s going to tell me it’s been successfully invested so now if we go over to and my website we can see that I have a fully functional blog and this work for any content management system and but I’m just going to go over to the administration segment on my place simply to prove the there is all working by the way and in the next video I’ll demonstrate you how to get a dot-com domain name for free and how to pay per pair it with your um totality thing out so parties won’t have to keep typing in and your net you can just have your own custom and draining of parrot with this service to play your own custom free website so I’m just going to log in here time to prove that it is an actual so there you go there’s my admin page and it’s all working fine so and that’s 00 entanglement hosting com it’s a great place to get a free website and don’t forget I’m going to be showing you how to get your own and free TLD that’s top-level domain com net org for absolutely free in the next video so don’t forget to tune into that and okay I hope you’ve experienced this video and I hope you subscribe to get more videos thank you for having watching

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