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Hostinger Review 2021 🔥 Is it the Best Cheap Web Hosting?

salutations everybody thanks for joining me today for my review of hostinger hostinger is a web hosting service that is quickly gaining popularity here in america but if you’re in an east asian country you probably once only knew them they’re well known there the esteem of hostinger is largely attributed to the incredible importance that they provide which includes the fact that they have extremely low pricing with cartons as low as a dollar now what’s interesting to me is that despite being so cheap i still found that hostinger excelled in various key areas like fast loading epoches and an impressive uptime proportion and hostingers made an easy to use interface which is why they’re a great choice for newbies too however there are some areas in which their low-pitched pricing might get in the way of whether or not you want to use them most notably being their customer support today i’ll cycle through the pros and cons of hostinger to empower you to decide if those cost savings work out to give you what you need or whether those low prices certainly mean you’re going to be sacrificing features that’ll leave you wishing you disappeared another way if you decides to get hostinger check the description below for a tie-up so i can get you the best deal out there for you my loyal witness so feel free to check out any of that if you like so regarding consumer friendliness this is one of the features that sets hostinger apart because they make it really really easy for anybody to manage a website even if it’s the first time you’ve ever had a website the boundary is really simple and the government has the low price moments as i mentioned and those things about hostinger principally appeal to people who are new to web building the noobs as they say and although hostinger does offer shadow and vps hosting hopes that they designed specifically to encourage your website to flourish and have positive raise today i’m only going to focus on hostingers three shared service proposes which really do is the beginning at 99 cents now knowing that most of hostinger’s patrons you maybe have little to no suffer with website house i found hostinger’s free website builder starts that somewhat daunting challenge of creating and then having to manage your first website so much simpler the tools they have were really easy for me to use and there were templates to help create a page that was engaging that was professional and likewise was eye-catching the interface too had a well-organized dashboard with a very intuitive position of access to all those really cool tools and so much more that i’ll get into last-minute to keep your site scurry smoothly now when it comes to performance which is an extremely important feature and for some of you out there the most important feature of a good web hosting company one of the greatest extorts of hostinger apart from all the talk about unbeatable pricing is the speed of their quantity hours now load durations literally refer to the time it makes for your webpage to load so how fast is hostinger well google moves the gold standard for lightning fast employed that in repeats at 200 milliseconds hostinger boastings a worldwide average of around 143 milliseconds or in much simpler calls less than a quarter of a few seconds so while these onu days may not be consistent everywhere you go a worldwide average like that is still pretty sweet when you consider that some areas that you’re in may know much faster meters than that especially in the us now paired with the onu day are also incredible fasts hostinger also offers that 99.9 uptime guarantee that i was talking about and uptime refers to the amount of age that your website is up and accessible so when it comes to hostinger you’re guaranteed to have the highest industry standard uptime and for 99 pennies 99.9 99 pennies jolly clever additionally as part of this guarantee should for any reason hostingers uptime ever dip below that 99.9 guarantee you’ll become eligible for a 5 locate credit but it’s really important to note that they’re not going to tell you that they dip below that guarantee and start let parties are benefiting from that credit you need to put on your detective cover and figure that out for yourself so keep an eye out in addition to performance there are various other things that hostinger does that moves it a really great value and before i get into subtleties of each plan i wanted to talk about what comes with all of the plans because with certain exceptions of the 99 penny single hope all the other contrives volunteer a majority of the same things so insurance smart hostinger gives people a free ssl and ssl stands for a procure sockets stratum and that’s just a fancy identify for that little lock everybody ascertains in the url rail whenever you go visit a website or anyone sees your website and of course when you be understood that little lock it’s like the best kind of reassurance that you or anybody inspecting your locate can have that they’re going to do that safely they don’t have to fear about their data being compromised by intruders or anybody else that might want to do them damage as far as building your area is concerned hosting or gives a wordpress manager for those of you who use this very popular service and if you don’t application wordpress don’t worry about it in a moment i’m going to talk about hostinger’s built-in website creation tools that they developed for those of you who think you’re going to need a lot of bandwidth and a whole flurry of email accounts insurance premiums and business programs furnish unlimited versions of both of those so you got yourself shielded there for the purposes of an desirous party like myself one thing that i really value is the ability to back up a site with the single and premium programmes you’re going to get weekly backups and the business plan allows you to do it daily me personally i like to do it daily because it just gives me one less thing to worry about and if backing up your area seems too daunting or it’s just not necessary that’s totally okay because hosting or has cloudflare and cloudflare is a service that stores a reflect or a functional copy of your website’s data relating to their servers and that gives you real-time backup protection against a dns assault a denial of service attempt or any other type of website crash that might occur another cool thing about cloudflare is it also obstructs you informed when those types of interruptions happen so it gives you a chance to act quickly and fix any injury before it gets out of hand because ordinarily when you experience such issues like that and your locate is down because of an error whoever calls it can’t access the site until a problem is fixed but with cloudflare safety at least allows the visitors to see a basic copy of your site that are present until you can address whatever’s going on and fix their own problems and are talking here about those dns attacks hosting your also has a tool to manage those types of service interruptions on their purpose that works in tandem with the cloudflare also i wanted to mention don’t be alarmed by the number of monthly stays you see when you look at hostinger’s schemes it’s not a detonator it’s actually a guideline to make sure you choose the freedom parcel for yourself because hostinger’s not going to enforce that monthly restriction but it’s definitely possible the other features of that particular mean may not be able to keep up with that type of genuinely heavy traffic so use those monthly trips as like a helpful reckon to determine what your needs are rather than view it as some type of limitation you got to stay within another cool feature that companies like facebook and netflix consume is git and you’ll get access to this and with git access what you’ll be able to do is work with your employees or co-workers remotely to develop and be engaged in programmes or to qc concoctions or to just really preserve a constant flood of really good communication going so that you can streamline your business practices and other things that impel you efficient and then may be profitable and are talking here about revenues is a good segment to pricing because that’s another area where hostinger genuinely illustrates its significance as a hosting fellowship because at first glance to be honest even i was wondering if a 99 cent hosting schedule are able to help you create a good website and after going a chance to experience hostinger for myself the short answer is yes because hosting your single design is genuinely model for people with smaller most intimate websites so if you have a portfolio that you’re trying to create or a family blog or something genuinely minor like that the single hope is really great for that hosting your shared services contrives are broken into three ranks the single that i already mentioned premium and business the single is 99 pennies as everybody’s heard about the premium is 1.89 and business is 3. 99 now keep in mind that these are introductory paces and they’re going to go up after your initial contract is over so it’s certainly possible if you have the ability to commit to a longer term years months whatever it is it could actually save you a lot of cash in the long run now when companies render tiered bundles something that’s pretty standard of course is that the features and added value are gonna as you ascend up that ladder and as far as hostinger is concerned in general those specific features that you’re going to see as you ascend the ladder are an increase in storage capacities and the ability to gain access to a lot of tools that help you further optimize your place in order to manage it for all that heavy traffic that’s going to be coming its highway the single tier does include the majority of what you’ll need to start your first website except for a free discipline and there’ll be more on that in a moment so stand sung at a dollar 89 the premium plan furnishes a lot of additional benefits while its work plan priced at 3.99 is the best in my opinion for anyone looking to draw a larger audience and wishes to do that by creating a larger volume of websites and as you reap larger gatherings hostinger allows you to upgrade your contrive and escalate it as your needs dictate and one more thing hostinger presents a 30 -day money-back guarantee which may not seem like a big deal if you sign on for the 99 -cent plan but i always appreciate it when any corporation wished to be situated a guarantee on different levels of their service no matter what it expenditures so as great as hostinger is there are some reasons that you may want to choose a different hosting company one of the most commonly memorandum publishes about hostinger is the lack of phone support now they do render a 24 7 365 no tier live chat help which is more than fairly for me but it may not be for you and for those unfamiliar a no-tier support system means that everybody you talk to is just as capable of answering your questions and solving your problems as the next being so no matter what level of panic your controversy scopes in from no sweat to a full-on catastrophe whoever you talk to first is the last person that you’re going to talk to there’s no foremen or anything like that and if you are someone who really simply needs to hear a person on the other end of the line then hosting here may not be the very best for you i likewise wanted to mention that access to that live chitchat buoy feature that i mentioned requires you to log in so if you’re a new client or even if you’re an existing client and somehow you got locked out of your history because like me you can’t remember your genuinely complex passwords you’re gonna need to submit a ticket and wait for an email reply another important note that’s only going to be relevant to a small percentage of people out there is the fact that hostinger doesn’t volunteer cpanel hosner has their own website growing tools so if you use cpanel you may want to consider an alternate host but recollect the majority of you out there really won’t be affected by this as i mentioned so all things considered is hostinger a true-blue appreciate for a dollar the answer is yes they volunteer one of the most user-friendly hosting experiences in the industry and the fact that you’re getting premium speed recital and functionality at a statu that most expensive web hosting companionships would accuse you is truly remarkable so fear not if you’re new to web hosting or you’re just sought for a low-cost option that’s gonna allow you to create a website that’s fully functional that’s interactive that appears professional and catches people’s sees all without costing an arm and a leg then hosting your actually would be a great choice so hopefully you concluded this video helpful if so please feel free to leave a thumbs up as you know i always appreciate it and a good old digital pad on the back feels oh so nice and if you decide to get hostinger i’ll include a tie-in in the description showcasing the best pricing deal that i can get for you my loyal onlookers and i’ll remind you this is a deal that is not available on their website so feel free to take advantage of that if you like also if you’re curious about any of my other favorite business tools and assistances i’ll include links to them down below as well as well as any of the best deductions i can get to save you fund as much money as possible be sure and let me know any comments or questions you have you know i always love to get to answer as many of them as i can nothing is cooler than interacting with beings looks just like you who share the same rages as me otherwise thanks so much better for watching abide safe out there and have a great rest of your epoch i’ll see you in the next video

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