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How to Create a Hosting Plan using Plesk (Plesk Tips and Tricks – Series II)

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a hosting plan in Plesk.Now, first of all, click work designs in the menu on the left.And then we sounds “Add a plan” and then, the service plan needs a name, so I shall just feign this is some kind of special offering so I shallcall it special. Okay, and then we have an overuse policywhich we can select. We can select things like how much saucer gap how muchtraffic. Since I’m not confine overuse, I willactually tell it to inform me when itreaches 90 gigs of disk opening, so we can keep an eye on it. And thenjust click “Ok” once you’ve selected everything.And there’s the plan’ Special’ procreated. Now a terminated hosting hope, alsocomprises add-ons which can be applied to the service mean. So for example, in this case, maybe purchasers are requesting more disk cavity and so we can create an add-on for an extra 10 gigs of disk space.Weshall call it’ More disk .’ Okay. And there we have an add-on’More disk’ which can then be applied to the service proposes and together they make up a complete hosting project. Thank you very much for watching, and make sure to check out other videos in this serieswhere we’ll give you more indications and tips on how to use Plesk ..

Video Transcript-As found on YouTube

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