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How to fix your Bounce Rate in 2020 using Google Analytics

I’m gonna say something controversialbounce rate is a critically important factor and whether your website ranks inGoogle or not if you’re not coming the alterations and the people visiting andstaying on your website the course that you need and are to be able to and you need tofix it and this is why you need watch thisvideo learn how to fix and how to improve your ricochet pace so first things first let’s definebounce rate well it’s defined by Google Analytics where the metric comes from abounce rate is somebody that comes to your website and then they’re justleaving now they could leave hours and hours later because they left the browsare open but generally what we’re doing is saying that they’re only interactingthat once and then gone and most of those people will only disappear withinthat thirty seconds and in fact the data shows that most of those people areleaving within five to ten seconds so the first thing you need to think aboutis what’s the purpose of your website is it to draw some auction is it to convincepeople is it to help them is it to reduce your carry trend is it what isit what is your website all about and then you’ve got to think the people thatare coming in are you ranking for the things that you want to rank for becauseif you’re graded for the wrong nonsense the people bouncing may well be people thatyou’re not trying to even satisfy and that’s therefore that would be anokay bounce right you don’t care but let’s assume that you’ve gone to somelengths to try and rank and placed the keywords in the things you want to rankfor and your bounce pace is still genuinely high-pitched what you’ve got to do is try andwork out why you got to look at the data have a look at your Google Analytics andtry and find out what your bounce rate is today and has it changed over timehas it gone up has it gone down is it higher on a mobile typically it’s higheron a mobile it’s worth checking out the data see how it’s trending over timejust before we get on a bit further one thing I really gotta watch out for is ifyour bounce rate is zero you’ve probably got a problem because it’s very veryunlikely that you have a bounce rate of zero in fact the only time I’ve everseen a move frequency of zero is when the Tracking’s been wrong every otherwebsite even the best of the best they still bounce guests who come inthey’ve got other things to do and off they goeverybody has ricochetted okay so what are the three main factors to a high bouncerate firstly is visitor expectations what we’ve got to do is going to line up whatyou’re trying to present in the website with what beings are looking for they’vegot something in their chief and they’re looking for some asks you’ve got tomeet that you’re trying to sell shoes you’ve got a entire reach what you’ve gotto do is say well if they’re type in shoes Brisbane or shoes Sydney and thenthey land on a particular page what are the options they’re looking for and youcan attain the expectation they’re actually looking for different types of shoes sothey should be landing on a page which has lists and moving them throughto you know teaches formal shoes stilettowhatever all sorts of different kind of shoes what you need to do is prepareyour website to meet that message and show them what they were looking forgive them a lovely knock clear deed it’s very clear about what it is that thispage is about and also ideally show them a picture of the product or service orsomething that they’ve they’ve searched for and then explain standardcopywriting for a network you know using the awareness word taking them throughwhat they don’t know the assumptions you are aware of them and taking them throughand educating them about what you’ve got and why it’s better than everybodyelse’s so it seems that everybody has a really low-toned attention encompas these days sowhat you need to do is really capture people’s notice right from the get-gothere’s a number of things you can do to really improve the fast of your websitefrom a technical point of view apparently you need to have good network hostingideally if your web hosting is in the same country or even the same geographicregion as most of your pilgrims “youve had” some caching machine builtinto the your structure with WordPress there are a bunch of different themes WProcket is right and there are a bunch of differentcomponents and some really good high-end hosting has casein kind of built in andthen the next thing is a content delivery network which is a CDN againreally good hosting will have this built in as well but you can have plugins thathandle that so then the final thing you really need to do is when you’re addingcontent to the website you need to make sure that you’re thinking about thoseend users I’ve had parties come to me and say yeah where’s my website so gradual wellbecause that likenes you put one across the homepage is 8 megabytes um you know youneed to think about it for yourself when you upload an portrait you articulated the epitome inthe background you positioned the image in the website you’ve got two things your selfis this gonna be appropriate yes it was possible to detailed yes it was possible to beautiful buthang on a instant it’s got to be small fairly that people can actually load itespecially portable or tablet or whatever and it doesn’t consequently need to besuper high interpretation so you probably want to resize it constricts it and abunch of plugins there’s one smush it and short pixel some great plug-ins forWordPress but even just thinking about it whenyou’re adding the personas that can have a few immense factor as well everything Imentioned today there’ll be a link in the specific characteristics with some kind ofinformation about whether we’d recommend them or whatever and what’s worthchecking out we do content like this every week and off to the side right nowthere’s some videos “theyre about” a landing page optimization and some othercontent so hope that’s helped and see you next time

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