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Kostenloses Website-Hosting auf Google Cloud Platform | SSL & Subdomain & Weiterleitung

free google cloud website hosting in this video which i demo you how to be established free life-time hosting in google cloud pulpit a how to create a project in google gloom pulpit picture your province to another provider how to be established subdomains this action do free ssl certification like all your domains redirected to a realm and it doesn’t necessary encryption checking some of the hindrances of the cloud on the google platform why go with google i went to google i had the website turned on and migrated within four hours plus im unlike any other hosting commit to provide you with a free live consider and then after the first annual payout Google is always free but there are some flaws with Google and see you at the end of this video reach please click as you leave a comment or agree thanks to the links to all of the above services and products and a link to a path on youtube is provided in the description below everything now “youve got to” do, is narrated the description and you will do it realise everything on the left each country to log in you need three things firstly you need a mobile phone for ten minutes Google sends a code via sms to your mobile phone second you need a credit card debit card or paypal chronicle google will debit your account only if the free detachment deactivate the third, you need a company name company name can be your call be no matter how it says see this above, activate it they miss free money on this action you can see as almost everything expenditures without paying you have to let them do the other test for free Google business if you go wrong, this will baffle you allow you to fix it without spending money spending creating a project the first thing you need to do is project that will be created the project is like a folder that are in everything saves what you require in connection with perform your website with the above click click now on my first project then to a brand-new campaign now give your project a identify and sound start go back to the beginning and click on the project you time developed create a computer you must have vm or a create a virtual computer virtually create a computer in the google computer with all the software to run and control your website go to the hamburger menu at the top left and click on the market look for WordPress certified by the battle us they crave others don’t know it says it’s$ 13 but it won’t cost you anything worry so for this is only if you are not on a free detachment go to the above and sounds start this page tells google what kind of computer you want to create it and then stipulate them give the post a any reputation you have selected or us west 1 us central 1 or we are the first if you have to choose something else you need Pay for the instance of VM f1 micro shutdown be reminded that f1 micro is part Always Google’s free intention you need the length and type of select the desired hard drive HDD hard drive is part of the free design but ssd is much better and you will make a difference notice if you sign up for ssd you have to decide the extra 17 pennies per month for the difference pay now choose 30 gigabytes 30 gigabytes are part of the free program and everything beyond what you need to pay overcheck http and https check http and https emulate everything to the right and save it because you will find it last-minute as you construe I have microsoft utilized term i don’t have a subscription edition for mac expenditure$ 70 and for computer expenditure$ 150 works on both 2,021 computers and mac will do left in leave the description below as we are here, they look like your website looks like click this tie-in above you can see that your website is not a padlock there is what it means that your website is not secure is if your website does not have full lock pieces ar then search engines will find your website does not indicate what it means that no one will be able to your website to find that we will fix this now see the backend of your website click on this tie-up recruit consumer and emulate and paste Enter password now we can make sure everything is updated let’s do a double check and make sure all plugins are also informed unsubscribe now static ip They measure who is constantly doing what sees the idea to turn on static ipi left go to vpc network and go to external places click eva and then click static give it any list now click on the backup combined with your website ipi is now permanent until it becomes decide to delete records in dns you need to create dns records records in dns tell the world in their website is located switching to network services top left and go to the cloud dns make sure you find the freedom programme now click on fog click on create zone you crave the world countries of your website has access click on public you require the world countries of your website has access click on public the appoint of dns must be your domain name you will know for sure that this part is incapacitated now click on create this part nullifies your website to another provider to contact, if you is not have this part you can do it yourself then tell your hosting provider with this you try your ns records to use around your website contact another provider and you should you know what you entail these four data sets are ns records that these records tell the world where your website is located copy all four ns records imitate the period and not the hours will muddle things now you have to go where you got your specify orbit I got my domain name from a friend received I need to add records to gotha in dns go and change ns records to gotha in this ns of struggling with data they calibrate the same where you have your domain name lend every ns record without point 1 It is very important to know the hours miss this tells the world that my website is not with rind but with google is this can take from it takes a few minutes to got a few epoches for the ep to went into effect with the domain and under the domains you need to map the ip address to the domain and connect the subdomains To do this, you need to make a record for the primary realm switch to network services top left and go to the cloud dns follow everything i doing in there but with their domain names first click on record record record supplement record connects the idea with your domain name everything you do here is the need in the ip address of the website insert and click on create the record with 10 words commits the world with which other domain name is the main domain is assigned click on supplement record for the type name of dns www.der www is kano nickname of a subdomain is the main name of tumanan then click on create what is the main theme of your website the main theme of my website is bankruptcy I will compute a dozen with bankruptcy this will assist my website in the search engines will be graded now be the address of my website https bank moves stage comes here i point of insolvency don’t get can it be almost so good say search engines that every page my website for insolvency is sound compute record now for dns listed participate markup, for which you want to create I am bankrupt the canonical name is the main tower generic specify click on create now I have 2 subdomains this is bankruptcy and the other is www ssl authorization “youre supposed to” become your website secure and get the padlock on top you will get ssl certificate without ssl credential die Search locomotives do not list your website, if search engines do not list your website, then no one will be in can find your website this part can to be anywhere from a duo takes hours to three days this is because the previous step updated the records of ns have and dns records and it may take a few minutes to a few dates to take effect each time part of the records in dns may is updated in a few minutes to got a few daytimes to take effect will be if the following is not works try for a few hours or the next day now go to the computer engine then vm specimen sounds ssh will take a few minutes until it shows screen all the following ports can be found in Now copy the description below the following code and paste it now enter all the domain names you may want to use nonetheless make sure all is separated by a gap for my website I will use what you understand now I don’t have an entry for the subdomain just made by I can’t utilization it until I get it do This word asks if you always want to use https and not http ver this answer is always a year This line asks if you always want to show the version of www like https, if you don’t have others would like to use this demmin then If the answer is always yes, I will make it bankrupt there like quarry Use the main transmitter, then mine is the answer for most of them is the answer yes this course requests the opposite of the previous places in this line will be asked if you are always without www you want to show a edition like https if you click on the previous text have answered yes, then no answer to this line for Most of the time the answer is no the answer to this line is yes for this line lent your email address and the answer to this line is yes now you need five to ten minutes am looking forward to procreate ssl credential get click on keyboard entry and then make changes they are ready when you check your website not yet padlock just wait five to ten minutes and the fastening is advisable to displayed configurationrepeat website you need to configure your website from the domains you want to use as the domain of your website uses the domain for which you want to use your website is the one you need to register enter the domain you want to use and contributed dedication lent word the user becomes a user and the password will be such be created by Google as you can see here enter the domain one you want to use and computed supplemented a gash wp for breathing the user’s appointed is user and the password is that of google created to be left see on top of the labeled user and computing you are a new customer, you will be going to set the username the honour you want to use when you log in to your website you can’t notice it later vary fill in the rest of this At this time your website can do not mail emails It is important that emails on your website can send h because without them you can not connect use the form and your website will be you will not be able to inform when someone has tried penetration will make a video how to e Set up emails for the website the persona you hand want is an administrator then click on brand-new user contribute unsubscribe now then report under the name created by you user ever want to use your mention register as any pages or announces you initiate under your name stand when it will delete used probably likewise deleted everything created by user if you want to create your website They contribute chiefly , not causing pages and both effort the same way but the berth has boasts with the help of search engines now go to the tab on the right side labeled deep-seateds and then go to the permanent link click on the refer with give the name of the post and then click to save first it took the flesh that most websites application it at, because there is a description of the website page in the address table provisions security on the website I will affix videos on websites to make sure but this is the best thing you can do this plugin has my website rescued people will try on your website from the first day to probe when someone tries a brute force attack then it will become a plug stop brute force attack is the most common onrush it also saves a record of all the attacks go to place 1 and extend they compute a new plugin you want is announced wps login restraint click now install and click enable, that’s all you need to redirect all disciplines to one realm redirection means that all your provinces go to the domain you selected for example when you log in com will always go bankrupt scatter com arena get it’s very simple and easy to set up they don’t use codes use the plugin named deviation and a little trick All websites will have realm redirection to the relevant pages the domain you have chosen can place it up at any time I will make a video how to do this set up the ploy is in the backend your dependency mm to install they report the same way in your subdomains as in your main domain with the same ID and the same password then go to the lays and taken up your subdomain on your main topics forward mistakes Google’s shadowed platform only Google’s gloom stage became Built for developers so it doesn’t work so well another hosting provider second google vapour stage no approval unless you pay$ 300 every month or$ 15,000 a year yes, I said$ 15,000 a year Google’s third shadow platform free hosting doesn’t work with your cdn because it’ s not strong enough if it wants to use googles cdn you need on their paid plan update this costs an extra $ 10 each month plus the costs of cdn please click is how you leave a comment or subscribe thanks

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