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wanna to make your business online but you don’t know about land, where to buy, inexpensive, good, its peculiarity what is hosting? conveying of it, benefits, types of it, which one to buy, which is the best, we will understand it now you have a shop, “youve had” products in it, your shop has a name your store word is your domain means region, all these are orbits so the business comes in the internet then we announced it. com,. in now you had a land for the supermarket that property is hosting and patronize above it is website, these 3 you need to get it now computers, virtual world your website where is it? your browse is in your residence you can see it but your website is in hosting hosting is nothing but a computer or in the virtual world now in computer has few things, RAM processing power hard disc, in phone very you have seen it processor, RAM and storage 128 gb so now understand based on your business the more the bigger storage wants my supermarket will be more bigger and the more goods I can have in it if I go for a meal in macd, and I get into a min the order get delivered in 5 min they did it soon because of its less managing day wants if we want to improve these things then then I need to improve my processor strength so if you shop in a walmart, dmart then there you find vast text in the billing store so if you want to reduce the line then you need to increase the number of cash outlet where people buy the products so with more number of counters will be determined by less time to buy so this is RAM, these 3 things we have more things to know 1st is domain where to buy a discipline? buy anywhere today all the companies provides the same feature, the one who provides the cheapest buy from there this is the most important, next is delivery rate wants I bought a province now I did not liked there customers patronize next item is customer support, if I don’t like the foundation I wanna to change and shifting to other firm then I need to pay a summarize for it so this is transfer pricing, one thing more the domain you have is on rent now your companionship provides the domain on yearly renewal so you need to check the contract of domain renewal, some provide for 1-2, 3,5 years and some more than that of it so if you require your domain on your honour then do are searching for bigger contract go do check the pricing, there customer support google review about the company do inquiry in the search engines about the company so this is it, one more thing I told you your province gets restore in every one year suppose you took it for 2 years and after that it gets expired and someone else buyed it so some else has concluded his shop on your name now good-for-nothing you can do that so for this there is a thing where they notify you as your orbit is yet to expire, delight renew it ideally all the big companies notify you but do check these service on that company but most important is do buy from the cheapest provider you ability about the big companies buy from there and cheap one now understand logically we can feel the shop via touching in this case your shop about your realm, hosting we can’t touch it, so how is this happen what is the concept behind it, let’s assume you may be watching this video on youtube app or may be in browser, browser like chrome mozilla firefox, internet explorer so you slither your website in that browser like in code…..Dash person be presented, likewise in brower you situated com be presented the moment you open the youtube the request goes to the hosting, where the patronize is present now the browser work is to put your shop whis is stored in the hosting download it to your browser or your computer so you browser downloaded the hole shope and you can easily use it, now 2 things is important, download and upload you server upload time and browser download day, small point we will discuss in detail one more thing internet speed your hosting internet seed is how must fast, this is also called port rush so the more faster port move will be result in the faster download and upload rate basically when it will upload then simply your browser download so the faster upload will result in the faster download this is the logic behind the upload and download now you heard about data covering upto 250 GB you will be getting speed and after that it will decrease likewise your server extremely has a capping but now accelerated does not decrease you get blamed for it so do check the transfer data plan beings read unlimited bandwidth, ideally “its not” unlimited do check in the terms and conditions but so check your bandwidth requirement I will learn you how to calculate it now you computer has a operating system if you have a windows, then you must be having an original one not pirated because your website is secure pirated may got spoofed and you server referred will be destroyed so ideally your original space is pricy and so windows hosting is costly but linux is a free open beginning operating system any one can use it for free so here the hosting will be cheaper, but why we would buy openings hosting? if you website has a specific programming on it or specific software in it which will run only in windows then you need to have a windows hosting like I edit my video in final stroke pro and to run that it is necessary to an apple computer so this is the same problem in server and hosting you need to have a specific operating system ideally if you use wordpress for basic website then linux hosting is good we have 3 types of server one is dedicated hosting means the hole computer box is yours all RAM and things in it is yours in this we have virtual private server in this if you tried to run apple in windows computer I tried alot for that we need vmware you must have played pubg in computer so to run an android lotion you need an emulator, so basically to run that application it comes here so in vmware you can allocate if you have a 16 GB ram then the application will take 4GB ram, quantity of hard disc, quantity of processing ability so I can allocate here so in dedicated we subdivided 3 or 4 spaces we have and all the 4 windows have same strength, suppose I had a 4 quad core processor and establish it 1-1 core to all the 4 windows 16 Gb ram divided into 4GB each 1TB storage is divided into 250 GB each so this is the vps server now all the resources is divided among themself internet hasten will part next is shared in this we constructed more departments in vps ans positioned a number of websites different c-panels so this is it about hosting, so now if you are stating then buy shared one dedicated is to big area or business I will explain how to calculate let’s assume you website is of 1MB aims from your separate the data is downloaded is of 1MB so if guy comes to your website then he downloads it suppose your upload rushed is 100MBps not divided by 8 so 100 MB is downloaded in your computer buy the guy internet speed is 100 MBps if less than the time taken to download 100 MB page will download but ideally today’s internet move is good so the person more have a 100 MBps speed so in 1/100 sec he will download the sheet now let’s acquire 1000 chaps trip the site in 1 sec now your race is 100mbps and to upload 1mb website to 1000 people necessitates 1000 mb so to open a website time taken is 10sec hope you are getting it now your hard disc speed is 10 mbps, but internet hurried is nice but not the hard disc speed so I can’t rich my rapidity more than 10 mbps I am uploading but my hard disc is not more than 10 mbps so if speed is not more than 10 mbps than I need 1000 mb download experience is 100sec so this much of go means you shop is waste of product beings are beating for 100 sec no one waits for 100 sec here internet world is globall here people are impatient so it is believed if laden times is less than 5 sec then beings are ok if more than 10 sec then people buds from there, mostly so what to do now here we can increase the hard disc speed or we can decrease our website consignment period if it is of 1MB then I will be becoming it of 100KB and 100 KB website won’t looking appealing and if not appealing then its of no apply you must have seen people expended alot in their shop medallion because requesting leads to alot more conversation and to make it appealing you need to make it bigger and for that you need nice server in the same calculation here ram and processing superpower extremely comes in so how I would know how much ram and processing ability do my website need so you got to know via server in starting you bought shared server and in share server you website is of 2MB under normal shared server at a time 100 people it is feasible handles so if you need more then you need to look at the shared server power its core, ram generally 1000 traffic can be handled by a good shared server if you are required more then we switch to vps for more you need dedicated one more thing now we are speaking of ram, processor, hard disc in hard disc more we have a natures, in ram too we have a categories, ddr1 ram will be slower than ddr4 ram our normal hard disc hdd hard disc will be slower than ssd hard disc the fastest hard disc is mbps has a speed of 80 mbps and for ssd we have 1500 mbps and to go more than 1500 race than you need to have a multiple hard disc 1500+1500 mbps so here comes the concept of cloud compute in gloom compute we have different-different servers and multitude our website in it so when a chap calls than the browser downloads small-small files from all the servers all the load does shared due to this the website ranges faster, that is way shadow calculating is better but if you need a real gloomed estimating than buy above the dedicated one, in gloom too we have a shared hosting but its of no squander because they can reduce its performance as much they demand it I will tell you more in this now in hard disc we in our childhood have been replica sungs from it if you had reproduced movies vs 1-1 MB photos or 200 -2 00 KB photos, whis is faster photos use to transfer slowly tiny 1KB files carry gradually but a MB or a GB registers commit fastly you must have saw it when I used to transfer a 4GB file in pendrive then the hurrying used to come is 32 mbps if I give a document file in KB of about 50000 registers it made a whole lot time to transfer I used to think about hard disc and other questions in this we have a i/ o input output actions, so your server can direct input output functionings at a time, the registers “were talking” if you are transferring 1GB enter then its 1 file merely but in tiny numerous registers you are having a lot of input output actions in it so ideally the more number of input and output actions will be better so big-hearted and new hard disc can do more input and production actions in it in hard disc you can have a 500 actions at a time and in ssd you can have a 80000 operations and psi, necessitates above ssd where you can have much more i/ o actions so any hosting may be shared do check all these things how much they are providing you the i/ o activities you can see in the video how to check how much is load in your website if the consignment is above 100% then you need to upgrade that thing, ram consumption is more than 100% then you need to upgrade the ram, processing then for processing, bandwidth and all that, ideally the most important factor is if you have a small website than you internet contact, if you have a fast internet connection then the website will laden faster and suppose you made a wordpress website and invested alot of plugins in it than then your cpu ability too come in use ram too, so need to work on cpu now orientation do matter aims my server is in delhi and if someone opens an internet site from delhi then data will tend to transfer faster in this case there is a minute difference in the fast, but if a person opens from us then it may take some time to open the signal goes to us, then it will come back in this process it may take few seconds so ideally you need your website for india than do take india server but indian server tend to cost more because india a red-hot climatic society, so what to do with red-hot environment? if your phone does hot then its efficiency does low so this is called throttling so to cater this question we need to make it cool and to make it cool it cost higher in freezing countries, and I read about all the big companies shifting the servers to north pole with this costing will decrease to 50% represents there is a huge investment in drawing the hosting circulate extended because the computer is running all day you can make it of your own but the condition is it must run all day all day internet connection all stuffs in all day long if it get shattered then its your loss but in other we don’t have to bear any loss but if you buy a dedicated one or shared and if that computer get injury then whose loss is it you all data will be lost but on in the cloud you have backups in cloud ideally the big-hearted providers gives you a weekly backups they make a backup of it and threw it in the shadow now how to check it take a website and probe there you can see waterfall modal click on it and see how much season it takes to open a website one more thing barter memory when you set a pendrive in computer where you see a option to make it a ram people says it will be enhanced you catch remembering, your speed will increase well this is swap memory basically if you took vana ssd in a server and ram of 4GB so when the loading comes in the whole 4GB recall comes over so how to deal with it you need to have a ssd, it will manufacture swap recollection in the hard disc so relatively it is 10 -1 00 goes slower than normal ram, ram hurried is much faster and ssd race is relatively much slower ram work is to deal with the fast project, while ssd work is to collect the data that is way ram is costly if you want 2-4 GB ram than it cost much than the pendrive one more thing input output weight duration symbolizes how much season we need to wait my browser announce me to I need a server now he goes there, so the time taken to reach is how much so we need to decrease the wait time now here in our country there is a over selling let’s usurp I am affording you the vps where I will be providing you 2 core in real make 1 core is of 1ghz so out of 2 core 25% are assigned to other vps try to get it so ideally if I had a 16 core and specifying every one with 2 core than I has actually 8 core alternative but I misinform in it and out of 8 core is allotted 25% to other and by this I will give 4times so most of them are doing it because the more number of customer the more receipt so how to check it there is no way, other is one, compile you website keep going the server and on the other server more if you are getting any difference than there is a fraud in the server provider so we got a gift from a company we gonna to have our own vps, my website will gonna to host on in this server merely, our intellectualindies kinfolk got the gift what will you get is I am requiring you the link in the description you will be getting free hosting for a period of 1 month do check the server if it’s running fast or sluggish, do I need more or not, if you liked then use it or jettison it in all the plans you will be getting 30 epoches return guarantee do check everywhere residual I liked their service and I am gonna to host my website too do check yourself hope you get everything from most detailed video on servers and domain do ask in the comment for any query if you require how to reach our own server than do tell me in the comment but ideally I won’t recommend you, as you can have in a cheaper acces they are giving for Rs 2000 yearly shared where I can spawn severals website 10 -2 0 website in merely Rs 2000 from me its good with this the video resolves hope you would prefer it, like, share do bookmark this video when you are want to buy a server or any one talks about it than what to buy and what to not buy good night, good morning afternoon whenever you are watching

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