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Websites For Doctors Who Educate Ep 2 WordPress Hosting Options.

are you a doctor who coachs others medical students and other doctors if so your traditional coming to face-to-face doctrine has either already changed or is about to change now a website can be a great way to move your teach online and continue combined with your students but you have probably avoided doing this before for a whole bunch of reasons so I’ve teamed up with will Medellin from WP course guide to help you out in this series we’re going to look at options for getting you up and running with your own website in a quick-witted sum of epoch with a minimum of inconveniences in our first video seminar we looked at four main options for hosting your website and resolved at a WordPress website whilst not the absolute easiest to set up is still a very user friendly option that provides you lots of potential for the future emergence and developed at your website will could you satisfy now justify for our doctor schoolteachers how they can go about setting up a wordpress website hey Anthony utterly so when it comes to a website there’s two main things to pay attention to your domain name and entanglement hosting we’ll talk about both right here so the first one is a domain name that’s going to be the address of your website as the sample I have here is WP course guide com that’s the domain name I have and that’s what will appear when people search for your website and this is gonna be the address of your website there are many companies that allow you to register your domain name through them such as GoDaddy or Namecheap merely to appoint a few cases and for that you’re looking at about fifteen dollars a year for the average domain name the average com domain name the next side is entanglement hosting so before we dive into a few recommended network hosts let’s dive into the features you’re going to want to look for in a entanglement host so there are two main features to look for the number one is backups and number two is SSL let’s dive into the benefits of both of those so with backups it allows you to untie unwanted conversions so if you saved a enlist or published a pole rather that you didn’t want to publish and maybe it was an accident or whatever you can always revert to a backup and you are eligible to have those mutates that you didn’t want to have fix save to the original and then if you inadvertently removed any data on your website you can regenerate that data if maybe you removed writer on your website and they had a lot of blog posts and now those blog announces are travelled you can easily restore to a backup and everything will be back to where it was it also allows for safety in case of hacking if your website goes down for some reason you’ll ever have a backup to restore to and you can always swiftly reinstate your website with a good entanglement hosts that offering backups the second element is SSL that is going to be the fasten and HTTPS that appear in the upper left-hand corner of your browser whenever you visit a website it’s likely going to be HTTPS what with such forward lash for example and that’s the SSL certificate versus the HTTP if there’s no SSL certificate some of the benefits of SSL is user safety assurance so it says with an SSL there’s like the little fasten and it says lock next to it that’s just something for users to see the website is secure and some web browsers like Google Chrome will actually say not secure next to your domain name if you don’t have an SSL so it’s an important thing to have just for user safety assurance to ensure customers that you’re using their data in a lock nature and SSL helps to do that and scaping web browser notices like we were talking about with Google Chrome saying not secure and sometimes there can be a caution if Google knows you’re collecting data maybe even be a contact form but you don’t have an SSL it’ll say message you’re proceeding to a risky site so ever having an SSL allows you to avoid any of those notices from browsers and acquiring credit cards remittances you can’t admit credit cards pays through your website without having an SSL so if you ever plan to sell online directions or any products to your website you’ll want to have an SSL certificate there and it’s important for SEO scaffolds like Google and search engines will concede priority to websites that have SSL certificates invested and that’ll are contributing to in your SEO positions if you did versus if you didn’t have an SSL certificate invested there so yeah those are the two main factors backups and SSL so now let’s dive into two web multitudes that we recommend that have both of those features so flywheel and psych round are two that me and Anthony have identified are pretty good emcees for doctors let’s compare a few of the features so flywheel is a little bit more of a payment host you’re gonna look at about fifteen to thirty dollars a few months for getting started with them and if that’s in within your budget at the moment we definitely recommend going for that but if you’re looking at something a little more budgets I crown may be a good option to consider sigh crown does have a $12 month pack I speculate but for your first time you can get$ 6 a month so if you’re first has started and you’re on a plan sycron might be a consideration but ultimately that’s gonna be a very similar price to flywheels starter container at $13 a month so now that you have both the domain name and network hosting most network emcees will have an easy tutorial on how you can point your domain name over to your network hosting company so when people visit your realm WP course can allay for example they will be directed over to your hosting firm such as flywheel or SiteGround and if you have any questions about that process you can always get in touch with flywheel support or SiteGround support both of the two companies have live support they’d be happy to help you out with that process so once you have everything situated with your domain name and network multitude you’re ready to install WordPress both flywheel and sycron have a different way of setting wordpress flywheel it’s just an automated process and psych sand is actually an installer but they have an easy step-by-step guide on how you can install WordPress and once WordPress is installed and you inspected your domain name you’ll have a website with the default coming soon page or you might just have an out-of-the-box theme and in the next video we’ll dive into how you can log into the backend of your WordPress website and customize it to look how you want it to thanks will so in this video we enveloped off on the issue of hosting your website there are lots of options for hosting but we’ve adopted two of the primary WordPress dedicated hosting possible options for you from my personal experience it’s definitely worth give a little bit more for what is often announced organized WordPress hosting for a knot of reasons which include things like the facts of the case that your locate generally leads better as well as when you have an issue the support staff will know WordPress and be able to help you out now we’ll mention a expression a few times in that video and that expression was SSL so what is if they’re sill well as will indicate that SSL is a security measure for your website that holds security to users of and I were you to do things like e-commerce should you wish to SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer it’s basically a security standard engineering for establishing an encrypted secure link between a web server and a browser this joins ensures that the data arranged between the web server and the browser remains private so one of the problems is that if you make an unsecure website a intruder might be out of place a piece of software on the web server that can tell when a person is entering data into that unsecure web site and then use that data for nefarious grounds but when you see a web site that’s encrypted with SSL your browser will words a connection with the web server look at digital certificates and then attach together your browser in the server this binding connection is so secure that no one besides you and the web site ensure the information being submitted and this connection happens instantly and in fact countless hints it’s now faster than connecting to an unsecure web site you simply have to visit a web site with SSL and your bond is automatically locked so it’s definitely merit having SSL on your website now the good thing is there with most many – WordPress hosting sites these days they supplying them with that SSL certificate for free so thus far we’ve picked WordPress as our programme and lay it working a web multitude nonetheless you would have noticed that what we have installed so far needs a little bit of handiwork so in our next escapade listen we will look at how you can start personalizing your web site by installing a theme[ Music][ Applause][ Music][ Applause][ Music][ Music]

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