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What is domain name and hosting server | Free Website design video course – Video 1

Hello and therefore welcomed my free professionalwebsite designing trend. In this section, I will give you the basic information aboutthe domain name and hosting service provider. How to choose a domain name and hosting service.Those who are watching this video for the first time, check out the playlist of my completely freewebsite design course on my youtube canal. It’s a completely free in-depth website design coursefor amateurs, the business owners, and those who want to start a occupation in website designing.And do not forget to subscribe to my canal for upcoming brand-new free online courses. So let’s startwith the domain name. What is the domain name? A domain name is nothing but the url of your websitein other words.This will be the address of your website on the internet. If you are planning torun a website, then you are required to a domain name for the website. For example, isthe domain name of google busines. I believe that everybody is aware of the domain name. So Iwill not waste your time explaining the domain. Now let’s move on to the hosting service provider.What is the hosting server? Hosting server is the place, where you will store your website content, registers, epitomes, uses, etc. The hosting service provider will give you a specific amount ofspace on their server to host your website. Your domain will be pointed to that hostingserver. Anybody typing your orbit will be directed to that hosting server and it will showyour website. The hosting server is the home for your website pages, files, content, personas. Andthe domain name is the address of your home. In other paroles, to run a website online youneed a domain name and hosting “providers “. These are the basic requirements of any onlinewebsite. You can register a domain name through the hosting service providers also.Almost allthe hosting service providers offer domain name registration assistances likewise. Now how to choose adomain name? This is basic and very simple. If “youre running” a locksmith business then you choosea domain that relates to your business. Principally include the name of your business or the servicethat you afford. If you are designing a website for your business, then try to buy a domain thatwill include your business refer or the concoction or the services offered. For example yourbusinessname.comor or If you are a blogger and want to create a websiteto publish commodities about a nutrient blog, then you can choose a domain that will include your nichethat is a recipe.Avoid use a hyphen, underscore or other signs in the domain name. And try to keepit simple. Keep it small-minded and easy to understand. I will suggest you to buy a domain with theextension. com or. org. co bypassed applying extraordinary realm propagations . . com postponement is very commonand beings are used to it. If your business or website is limited to a specific country, thentry to buy a domain with that country expansions. such as. in for india,. for Australia,. cafor Canada. Now how to choose a hosting “providers “? Many hosting service providers will giveyou a discount on the purchase of a brand-new region and hosting assistance. There are many hosting companies.However you need to go for a reliable one. Below is the list of hosting service providers.HOSTGATOR, SITEGROUND, BLUEHOST, INMOTION, HOSTINGER, GO DADDY, START LOGIC.The list ofhosting “providers ” is big but i’ll hint you to go with big hosting service providersonly. Do not go for inexpensive service providers to save few horses. After all you want to run abusiness online. Personally i’m abusing Hostgator for more than nine years. Also i use sitegroundand start logic service providers and i never had any major issues with my websites. I havebeen running countless successful websites and blogs. I likewise operate as a freelancer for countless websitedesign companionships in the United territory, Canada, Australia and companies in many othercountries.These companies outsource their website design work to me and i have designed more than1 200 websites. I principally start designing websites on my hosting server and formerly the work is done, I change the website to the client’s domain and the hosting server. So you can imagine howmany websites I have designed and transferred to the client server. If you are planning for onlyone website, for your own business, then go for a small plan of one website only. In such courses, we will be designing a website in wordpress. Many hosting service providers will give you the optionto select wordpress hosting busines for a single website at a low cost.Wordpress hosting startsfrom $5.95 per month on hostgator and $6.99 per month on siteground. If you are new, then gofor a small plan. Once you stretch your business, upgrade to the upper level plan. If you want tostart your job in entanglement designing, then go for web hosting with cpanel. Using cpanel, you canhave control over all the websites and make more and more websites. I specially like sitegroundhosting assistance account for one reason. They will delegate a separate cpanel for each websiteyou organize. The advantage of having separate cpanel is that if one website does debased, itwill not affect the other website. I believe that you now have enough information about the domainand hosting. So go ahead and cross-file your domain name and get the hosting service provider. I willgive you links to hostgator and siteground hosting “providers “. These are the affiliate links.I will must pay if you buy through my links. In the next slouse, we will discuss installingwordpress themes and plugins.We will be designing a website employ wordpress material managementsystem. Because wordpress is the most used and trusted implement for intention websites. It is veryeasy to understand and it has countless boasts. So told you in the following section. Do not forgetto subscribe to my path to get more speedy gratuities about online applications and implements. If youhave any questions please leave us message in comments slouse and press the like button if youlike the video. Thanks for watching QUICK TIPS gratuities.

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